I'm Jordan, an illustrator and identity designer who loves to find the thing that makes you tick.
Though I'm based in Brooklyn, NY, I work with clients and agencies across the US. With a passion for bright colors, well-thought-out design systems, and getting down to the heart of complex problems (and I do mean heart!), I help brands make vision into reality. As a people-oriented introvert, I love finding the core of why you're doing what you're doing and helping you tell that story to the world. 

While I have a wide range of skills, the two things I focus on are: identity design and illustration.

When I'm not asking deep questions about why you like the color green so much (hey, me too!), I'm usually cooking, foraging for wild plants in the city, or writing. 

If you need some color, well-informed visual strategy, brand flair, or some cute drawings
of tiny houses, contact me
 and we'll see what we can cook up together.

Who I Am & Why
My dad was in the Navy, so if you ask me where I'm from, I probably won't have a good answer for you. My current states-lived-in total is 8, and my countries-lived-in total is 2, and I've somehow managed to pick up bits of dialect from all of them. You'll hear "melk" (the Pacific Northwest) and "y'all" (good old Texas) in the same breath.

Moving around so much made me really curious about the stories people tell about themselves and about the world. After attending college at Northeastern University and graduating with a shiny degree in design, I moved to Texas, and then to Brooklyn, NY. I've worked for Apple, as the in-house designer for Verts Mediterranean Grill, and then as a designer and illustrator for Nulo Pet Food. I started my own business in mid-2017 and have kept it going since!
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